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This program was started in 2015 to provide an opportunity for kids to play in a team that is inclusive. There is no grading and it is open to kids of all ages with special needs, that would struggle to play with one of the clubs other football teams. Through out All Abilities program, we aim to provide a group sport that children of special needs are able to participate and enjoy whilst obtaining many of the benefit of being part of a team, including structure, following certain rules, learning, sharing and celebrating with team mates.


Each season consists of a lot of ball skills with as little repetition as possible to maintain interest. A typical season would include work on balance, coordination and timing. Each session is designed to apply to any child no matter of their footballing ability.


Sessions are run every Saturday during the season (April to August) at Mackey Park. In addition the team meets up with other All Abilities sides across Sydney during the season.


Our coach has been running the program since its inception and has extensive footballing and coaching experience.


The Association and FNSW do not charge for registration of All Abilities players, likewise Marrickville FC absorbs all costs(ground fees, playing kit, balls etc) therefore there is no charge for registering. Players will however need boots/trainers and shin pads which we can guide you on which is appropriate if you are new to the sport.

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Eager to find out more, then email our All Abilities Coordinator allabilities@marrickvillefc.org.au