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Volunteers make an extraordinary contribution to our local community. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our Marrickville FC and come from all walks of life: working people, students and professionals, mums, dads, grandparents, friends, from every team and age group.

Our club runs on the kindness of others, our volunteers. It takes an estimated 15,600 hours per year to run our club, that is not including the time given by coaches and managers. If you have only an hour a week to spare and you wish to help, there is always plenty to do

Marrickville FC has structured volunteer programs to help deliver most of the services for our membership to make the training and game day experience the best it can be.  If you put your hand up, we will guide you to ensure your contribution makes a difference and you’ll probably have fun along the way.

How can my team help?

Match day setup and take down

If your team is the first team or last team to play on that pitch for the day you will need to help in either setting up the field for the match or pack away the match day items from the pitch.

Field setup

  • Put out the goals (only required for under 8 – under 11)
  • Setup the nets
  • Put out the corner flags
  • Put out the subs benches
  • Put out banners if required

Field take down

  • Pack away the goals (only required for under 8 – under 11)
  • Remove the nets and pack away
  • Pack away the corner flags
  • Pack away the subs benches
  • Pack away banners if required

Match day duty

Once per season each team is required to complete a match day duty. This is a 4 hour shift to be covered by the team and scheduled on a day that does not compete with your game day. Match day duties include

  • Assisting with the BBQ – cooking and serving
  • Assisting with the Canteen
  • Assisting with field setup and take down

Coaches and Managers

Coaches and Managers are a very important positions in any team, each with their own responsibilities, but working closely together through out the season. For more information on each role see the links below: