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Our Supporters

At Marrickville FC, we provide a friendly environment that fosters enjoyment, creating friendships and inspiring a team spirit for all ages and levels of ability through football.

Our supporter and fans play an important role in ensuring these values come to life.

Marrickville FC supporters are at their best when the energy is positive and focused on our players. It’s not animosity to the opponent that defines your importance as a supporter – it’s your encouragement to our team. Our players run harder, jump higher and produce their best because of the positive energy you give to them. In those moments the shirts of the opposition team couldn’t matter less.

The atmosphere should always be about joy. It should be about encouraging the team you are emotionally invested in.

So let’s all show our best face. Everyone is watching and we have a chance to show them that we define ourselves as a club by being together and by finding joy in the moment linked to our own actions.

Enjoy the game.