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  • Marrickville FC is a registered organisation with Service NSW and the Active Kids Rebate Scheme. You must obtain your Active Kids Voucher Code before you register with Marrickville FC.

    Obtain your Voucher Code

    1. Go to the NSW Government Active Kids website
    2. You will need to verify some details e.g. Medicare card
    3. Complete personal details and receive your 16-digit voucher code.
    4. Make a note of this voucher code for future reference.

    The voucher code obtained will be entered into the payment section when you register. You will not be able to go back and add the voucher once you have completed the registration, even if you do not complete payment.

  • A player’s total registration fee is made up of a number of components. These being:

    1. Football Federation Australia (FFA) National Registration Fee (NRF);
    2. Football NSW (FNSW) Capitation, including Insurance;
    3. Association Fee; and
    4. Club Fee.

    The Association, nor Club, have control over the amount set as the FFA NRF or FNSW Capitation. The FFA NRF and FNSW Capitation once paid is non-refundable to the player upon a deregistration. (Refer to the Terms & Conditions in Play Football when registering to play.)

    The only instance where a  refund is to be applied is when the player has not engaged in any football activity within the Association, i.e. has not trained, participated in a trial game, or played in a season fixture. The player must deregister in PlayFootball and complete the Refund Form by 1st April. The fees that are apply for refund are the Association and Club fees. FFA and FNSW fees will not be refunded.

    There will be no refund of the Registration fees once the individual has participated in a training, a trial game, or season fixture.

    Where a player sustains a season ending injury (evidence required) during pre-season training or a preseason trial game, a 50% refund will be provided.

    Note: No NSW Government Active Kids Voucher fee will be returned to the player (or parent, etc) upon a deregistration.

    Refund Request Form

  • Players Match Day Kit

    • Each outfield player will receive a MACRON match day jersey and shorts plus a pair of football socks. This is expected to last for 2 years.
    • Each Goal Keeper (permanent) will receive a MACRON goal keepers jersey and shorts, plus matching socks. This is expected to last 2 years.
    • Where teams do not have a permanent goal keeper a shirt only will be issued.
    • The kit will be fitted and issued to team managers (all players in the team MUST attend player fitting before the commencement of the season)

    Coaches Kit

    • Bag of training balls (topped up from last year if you still have some)
    • Ball Bag (If required)
    • Cones (as required)
    • Bibs (as required)

    Managers Kit

    • Match Ball
    • Players Cards (issued to Managers once all players have completed registration and payment process)
  • Marrickville Football Club set its registration fees to recover the base cost of putting a player on the pitch. This includes field hire, Football New South Wales (FNSW) and Canterbury District Football Association (CDSFA) fees, kit and equipment and administration costs. Revenue generated through sponsorship and canteen supports the club administration and additional equipment/services (e.g. mobile goals, female only training, GK training etc).

  • If you have played football in Australia before, you should have an Football Federation of Australia (FFA) number. If you are new to football (or new to football in Australia) then you will need to get one. Find or create your FFA number.

  • The winter season begins the first weekend in April and ends the last weekend in August. Club presentation days are held at the conclusion of the season. Check calendar for events and dates. The summer competition begins mid October until end of February. There is a bread during the Christmas/January school holidays.

  • Players can pick up their match day kit in March. The team manager should book a fitting session for the whole team to attend. Each player is then fitted and complete set provided to the team manager for distribution that night. Whilst the club endevours to procure the correct kit numbers and sizes it is impossible to be 100% correct without buying significantly more kit than we need. Therefore, attending the kit fitting session in March is a MUST. If we have run out of a size we have processes in place to order small quantities quickly, however if we do not know in time then we will struggle to obtain kit for round 1.

  • For football in Australia the year or determining age is the calendar year (01 January to 31 December). The age you are turning in that year is the age group you play in. So if you are turning 13 that year then you would play in the under 13’s.

    However you can play up (a maximum of two years). So the player that is turning 13 can play in the under 14’s or 15’s. If you are still unsure then please email info@marrickvillefc.org.au



  • Size 3: Under 6 – Under 9

    Size 4: Under 10 – Under 13

    Size 5: Everyone else.


Match Day

  • Under 6 & 7 – 15 minute halves

    Under 8 & 9 – 20 minute halves

    Under 10 to 12 -25 minute halves

    Under 13 & 14 – 30 minute halves

    Under 15 & 16 – 35 minute halves

    Under 17 & Over 45 – 40 minute halves

    All Age, Over 35 & Women – 45 minute halves

  • Players must wear the Marrickville FC playing strip to all games. Football boots with studs and shin pads (under your socks) are required. You do not need to wear your playing strip to training.

  • Game day is driven by the age (competition) that the team is in.

    Playing Saturday

    • Under 6/7 (Inter Marrickville Competition)
    • Under 8 to Under 11 Boys/Mixed
    • All Age Men (Saturday Comp)
    • Over 35’s Mens
    • Over 45’s Mens

    Playing Sunday

    • All Girls sides
    • Under 12 to Under 13 Boys/Mixed
    • Under 14 to Under 21’s
    • All Age Men (Sunday Comp)
    • All Age Womens
    • Over 30 Womens
  • A volunteer. Typically this is a parent or older sibling of one of the players, however as do have a few coaches that have stayed coaching a side despite the fact that their child has outgrown the club or moved away from the area. A number of players who are active in senior football also support our community by coaching a side. We are always looking for coaches(no previous experience necessary in younger age groups) and over every assistance we can to support coaches through the year.



  • The fees are set to recover the cost of putting a player on the park for the season.

  • Formation Day is when all the players who are not part of a current team, new to the club or just looking for a new team will come together to find their team for the upcoming season.

  • Formation day event will normally be run over 2 hours (maximum) where players will be expected to partake in some drills and mini matches. Bring a long shin pads, boots and a water bottle (if you are a goal keeper bring your gloves).

  • The way players are allocated to a team will vary by age group. Players are asked to attend a team formation day where players will be grouped by capability. Where players have not been able to attend team formation the club will attempt to best place players looking for a team. Sessions are generally held in February of each year. For details on the dates please check What’s On.

    Under 6 and 7s

    Team formation is typically based around grouping players with friends, schools and existing teams (under 7’s)

    Under 8

    This is the hardest age group as this is the first year of playing other teams in the district. We have to pull together similar capabilities. The idea is so that they play in a division that closely match their own capabilities to ensure that the matches are fun.

    Under 9 – 18’s

    Across these age groups we have a blend of returning teams. Players who want to change teams and new players. However if a team is returning with sufficient players, then we won’t necessarily ask the entire team to return for team formation (we would still expect the coach and manager of the team to still attend).

    Senior Teams

    We do run team formation for senior teams, however it is generally that the returning teams coaches coming down to fill vacant positions in their teams.

  • If you would like to view the National Code of Conduct please follow the link to the Football Federation of Australia Code of Conduct

  • For more information about insurance please see the Football Insurance Flyer or visit the Football NSW Insurance website

  • There are usually no games on the middle weekend of the school holidays for teams under 6-under 11. Games may be played on all weekends for competitive teams under 12 and up. School holiday weekends may be used for catch up games.